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The Annual Fund is the School's number one fundraising priority, as it provides critical support to the School's operating budget by offsetting expenses not covered by tuition and fees. Gifts to the Annual Fund directly and immediately benefit each student and faculty member as well as every program on campus.

  • Tuition and fees cover approximately 70% of the cost of educating a child at Colleton Prep. The remaining 30% is supplemented by unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, and other revenues.
  • The Annual Fund supports financial aid and allows students to attend the academy who may not have the opportunity otherwise.
  • To attract and retain the finest and most committed teachers, Colleton Prep must provide a competitive compensation package. Annual Fund contributions reinforce to our faculty that we all value their unparalleled role in educating our students.
  • The annual fund takes the “stress” out of the operating budget.

No gift is too small!

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